Sasha Grey, a young actress already retired


Sasha Grey Cool Girl

The rare porn bug and one of the most important figures of the decade who fought to dignify his profession and his image. With a chaotic but restless mind, she graduated from high school a year early and after studying film, dance and acting, at 18 she moved to Los Angeles with the fixed idea of becoming a porn actress.

She chose her stage name for Sascha Konietzko, from the industrial rock band KMFDM, and for The Portrait of Dorian Gray, Oscar Wilde’s vampire novel, and appeared in her first shoot, no less than an orgy led by Rocco Siffredi and director John Stagliano, where she asked the Italian star to punch her in the stomach. Perhaps it was that strange request that triggered it, or maybe it just had to happen, but then her hatching was disproportionate, a brilliant trajectory like no other, so much so that six months later critics called her the new Jenna Jameson. He shot many scenes, won many awards and gladly made the most brutal marranadas imaginable, and perhaps that precocity was the one that prompted him to retire is only 21 years.

By that time he had already worked with artists such as Terry Richardson, Steven Soderbergh, Frédéric Poincelet and David Choe, had been the cover of hundreds of magazines such as Rolling Stone and Penthouse, had collaborated in numerous musical projects, prepared the publication of his photographic book Neu, had been the image of PETA and gay rights and had a long list of portraits to do in the cinema. And that’s how the whore became, no longer the mistress of all whores, but an icon of pop culture.

Profession: Porn actress from 2006 to 2011, DJ, writer, actress
Origin: North Highlands, California, United States
Birthday:March 14, 1988
Height: 168 cm.
Pages: Twitter, Instagram

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