Mia Khalifa the most beautiful girl from Lebanon

mia from Lebanon

Born in Beirut, Lebanon, Mia moved to Maryland when she was only ten many years previous. This would not be of particular interest if it weren’t for porn, and there are not as well many girls in the business who come from the Middle East, some thing that has cost him some death threats from exalted Lebanese men and women, but it has also served to make him stand out as a lot as his silicon teats, his far more than respectable ass and his sincere, warm smile.

Mia is a wise girl (has a bachelor’s degree in background) and in spite of dedicating herself to a negative-hunting profession in her nation of origin (in fact her conservative parents and close to the Yankee Republican Party do not accept it both, they have stopped speaking to her and denounced her to the Middle East media), she usually tries to don’t forget in which she comes from: is tattooed with the initial verses of his nation’s anthem and the cross of the Lebanese Forces, a conservative Christian political get together. Her interest in Middle East politics is very substantial, but Mia says she cares little about their opinion of it there.

Mia is far more than just bravery she is a man or woman who has made the decision to exercising her freedom over her entire body even although it is tough for her to sever ties and suffer threats. She says that Lebanon and Syria should be far more concerned about other issues than the initial successful Lebanese pornstar in the United States, but she knows deep down that the free of charge and uninhibited use of her pussy and active intercourse existence poses an even greater cultural risk to her country’s stagnant hierarchies.

Profession: Porn actress Since 2014
Origin: Beirut, Lebanon
Birthday: February 10,1993
Height: 158 cm.

Social networks: only Twitter @miakhalifa

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