Amarna Miller, the spanish sexy feminist icon

Porn Actress Amarna Miller

Graduated in Fine Arts and with accumulated experience posing for several reputable photographers, voracious consumer of sweets and culture (the surname was put on by Henry Miller; try not to fall in love yet), hardly in the history of Spanish porn we have had a pornstar more mediatic than Amarna Miller. The Vallecan redhead has managed to extend her influence beyond the purely pornographic, becoming a leader of opinion on ideological and social issues, from feminism to the New Politics.

His contributions in article or interview format range from this holy house to media outlets such as El Periódico, Jotdown, Vice, PlayGround, Xcritic or Revista Mongolia and has written his own book, Manual de Psiconáutica, in addition to the prologue of famous authors such as publicist and celebrity Risto Mejide.

His tentacles are everywhere, but Amarna never forgets about porn: he has already made several incursions into the Central European industry (specifically Budapest, where he worked with Rocco Siffredi) and also into the North American industry, where he has travelled frequently to work for weeks and establish professional relationships and has ended up settling down permanently.

Physically, we’re looking at a shimmering mix between Milla Jovovich and Natalie Portman, but with an ass they’d both want. It is her intelligence, her alternative air and unusual naturalness that have lifted her to stardom, and now she has only the most difficult thing left: knowing how to maintain herself.

Profession: Porn actress since 2010
Origin: Madrid, Spain
Birthday: 29 October 1990
Height: 163 cm.
Social Networks: Twitter, Instagram

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